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Club Ashfield 

Social Golf Club

Club Ashfield offers its Members and Guests Promotions, Free Friday Night Jazz, 6 Function Rooms, a Family Bistro, Play Gym and Social Activities to enjoy daily.

Club Ashfield Social Golf Club



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Club Ashfield Social Golf Club exists to provide club members with the opportunity to experience the wellbeing that golf can provide.

We can do this by providing a regular competition that is governed by the rules of golf.

  • Welcoming members regardless of their ability and background.
  • Encouraging members to improve their skills to enjoy the game even more.
  • Ensuring the club is run to benefit its members.
  • We want to be a positive influence on our community and to our members so that everyone can love the game of golf as much as we do.
  • Games are played at different, beautiful course once a month on Sundays.

If you want to join the fun that is Club Ashfield Social Golf Club then come on down and contact

See you on the Green.

A fixture sheet of the scheduled events is published on this website, and new members are always welcome.

President Mr Murray Sharman
Secretary Mr Roger Harte
Treasurer Ms Annie Ng

Schedule of Games for 2024

Game 1Sunday 11/2/24Barnwell Park Golf Club08:08
Game 2Sunday 10/3/24Hurstville Golf Club07:30
Game 3Sunday 21/4/24Lynwood Golf Club11:00
Game 4Sunday 26/5/24Marrickville Golf Club08:04
Game 5Sunday 16/6/24Calderwood Golf Course09:00
Game 6Sunday 21/7/24Liverpool Golf Club08:15
Game 7Sunday 11/8/24Springwood Golf Club08:15
Game 8Sunday 15/9/24Blackheath Golf Club09:00
Game 9Sunday 13/10/24Fox Hills Golf Club07:45
Game 10Sunday 17/11/24Massey Park Golf Club08:00

10 games of Golf are played each year starting on the 11th of February until the 17th of November 2024. For Social Golf Club enquiries, please contact our Secretary Roger Harte –   

Green Fees of $35.00 are payable on the day. Please notify our Secretary by email one week prior to the game to confirm your place.

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Committee Contacts:

Murray Sharman –
Roger Harte –
Annie Ng –