Club Ashfield Social Golf Club

The Club Ashfield Social Golf Club (CASGC) has a long and well established relationship with the Parent Club. As a sub-club of our “parent club”, we are bound by the laws and regulations governing the operation of an “Association”. We accept the definition of an association as a group of persons, having common views, associated or organised for a common end. The main feature of an association is that it is meant for a definite purpose and objectives, which are realised through the co-operative efforts of its members.


The ‘Purpose’ of our golf club is to provide quality value-based golfing opportunities, for our members.

The key ‘Objectives’ are:

  • Player motivation and satisfaction
  • Membership base – growth, retention and equal opportunity
  • Financial management - financially self-sufficient and adult ready via financial tracking and reporting
  • Club reputation - of which members can be proud.

 Our regular competition is held monthly from February to November, inclusive, operating as a ‘gender-neutral’ club, catering for all levels of golfer. A fixture sheet of the scheduled events is published on this website, and new members are always welcome. Please direct any enquiries to Julie Chuck (0411 733 147) or any Committee Member.